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My thesis, before it's completed

This is an experiment. I'm hoping that by making my work on my thesis public, my time will become more accountable by the fact that anyone will be able to see when I am or am not working.

I also believe that all academic research should be made more open. This is a small step towards such a philosophy. (Making my code itself available would be better again, but one step at a time.)


The work herein is Copyright 2003--2009 Will Robertson and The University of Adelaide. No rights are given to reproduce or modify this work.


Ha! I don't even expect my supervisors will be looking at the work I put in here, until I give them completed chapters to read. Besides, making the document available will create a verifiable history; if people want to see the work I'm doing before it's ready to be published, I admire their investigative spirit.

There's no commercial interest in the work I'll be publishing in my thesis, either in application or in turning the thing into a book. So there's really no harm making the unfinished document available to anyone who cares to look. As far as I can tell.

LaTeX compilation

Because this document pulls information (well, mainly figures) from my actual repository of Ph.D. work, you won't be able to compile it yourselves. Sorry.

Will Robertson
April 2009

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