Unicode-math problem with amsmath when using lualatex #246

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zhouyan commented Aug 23, 2012

After recent update through tlmgr (perhaps an update to l3kernel), there is a problem of unicode-math with amsmath. Here is a minimal example



When compiled with XeLaTeX there is no problem. But when using lualatex, it failes. The complete log can be found at https://gist.github.com/3436935

zhouyan commented Aug 23, 2012

I tried to track down the issue. Instead of \usepackage{unicode-math}. I included those packages used by unicode-math one by one. And it appears that it is lualatex-math cause the problem, emit the same error message.

In addition, I tried those packages used by lualatex-math, and none of them cause any problems. So I think the problem is with lualatex-math. Though there are only two hundred or so lines, I cannot figure out where is the problem.


I think it is fixed in phst/lualatex-math#4 now, closing.

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