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A Scala library for dealing with JSON in a way that makes it almost feel native. If you want to understand how it compares to json4s, you might be interested to read about it here.

① It requires just one import

import nl.typeset.sonofjson._

② Creating an object is easy

// You can parse it from a String
val person = parse("""{ "name" : { "first" : "John", "last" : "Doe" } }""")

// Or build it yourself
val person = obj(
  name = obj(
     first = "John",
     last = "Doe"

③ Accessing it is easy too

// Access the object and ask for a String representation[String]

// Or leave it to SON of JSON to get you a String representation
var first: String =

④ Modifying it is even easier = "Jack"

⑤ And rendering it to JSON is just