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MAF is a fragmentation technology for test codes.
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MAF (Method-Anchored Test Fragmentation)

MAF is an automated tool which can be used to extract test fragments from non-standard test codes. The test fragments extracted by MAF can be used in plagiarism detection, test recommendation, test reuse, and so on. Currently, MAF is primarily used to extracted test fragments from test cases written in JUnit.

Features of MAF

(1) Extract MUT

The class "com.maf.analysis.PUTAnalysis" provides support for extracting methods under test (MUT) from the program under test.

(2) Extract TF

The class "com.maf.analysis.TPAnalysis" provides support for extracting test fragments (TF) from the test code.

Applications of MAF

(1) Test Code Plagiarism Detection

The paper titled "MAF: Method-Anchored Test Fragmentation for Test Code Plagiarism Detection'' has been published in the Proceedings of the 41st International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering Education and Training (ICSE 2019 - SEET Track). If you are interested in this research, please read our paper or contact us.

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