analysis and visualization tool for job scheduling (simulation) output
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schedshow [Options]

  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -l LOGFILE     path of log file (required)
  -a, --alloc    plot bars represent for individual jobs
  -j, --jobs     show number of waiting & running jobs
  --wj           show waiting jobs
  --rj           show running jobs
  -n, --nodes    show number of waiting $ running nodes
  --wn           show busy nodes
  --rn           show requested jobs
  -r             print response time to terminal
  -c             print coscheduling metrics
  -m, --metrics  print statistics of all metrics
  -b             print bounded slowdown to terminal
  --happy        print the number of happy job
  -w             print wait time to terminal
  -u             print unitless wait (waittime/walltime)
  -o SAVEFILE    feature string of the output files
  -s             show plot on the screen
  --loss         show loss_of_cap
  --write        write log in alternative form
  -A, --All      run all functions