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My favorite theme for ST3 and iTerm2 on OSX Terminal!
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Spacegray Theme For Mac Terminal

Once Yosemite came out I found that the stuff I used in iTerm2 was now in the standard terminal so I switched back! But I missed my favorite theme from iTerm2 so I created it for Mac terminal!


Method 1:

Download ZIP or clone repository

double click spacegray.terminal

Set profile as "Default"

Method 2:

Launch Terminal

In the top menu bar click Terminal -> Preferences (or ⌘,)

Go to "Profiles"

Click the Gear symbol

Click Import...

Click spacegray.terminal and press Open

Now set the profile as "Default" and you should be good!

What it looks like:




Extra Info:

  • I am using a downloaded font called Droid Sans Mono, the default is Courier New
  • Using zsh / oh-my-zsh in the pictures