The easily installable Github clone written with Scala.
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GitBucket is the easily installable Github clone written with Scala.

The current version of GitBucket provides a basic features below:

  • Public / Private Git repository (http access only)
  • Repository viewer (some advanced features such as online file editing are not implemented)
  • Repository search (Code and Issues)
  • Wiki
  • Issues
  • Fork / Pull request
  • Mail notification
  • Activity timeline
  • User management (for Administrators)
  • Group (like Organization in Github)
  • LDAP integration
  • Gravatar support

Following features are not implemented, but we will make them in the future release!

  • File editing in repository viewer
  • Comment for the changeset
  • Network graph
  • Statics
  • Watch / Star

If you want to try the development version of GitBucket, see the documentation for developers at Wiki.


  1. Download latest gitbucket.war from the release page.
  2. Deploy it to the Servlet 3.0 container such as Tomcat 7.x, Jetty 8.x, GlassFish 3.x or higher.
  3. Access http://[hostname]:[port]/gitbucket/ using your web browser.

The default administrator account is root and password is root.

or you can start GitBucket by java -jar gitbucket.war without servlet container. In this case, GitBucket URL is http://[hostname]:8080/. You can specify following options.

  • --port=[NUMBER]
  • --prefix=[CONTEXTPATH]
  • --host=[HOSTNAME]
  • --https=true

To upgrade GitBucket, only replace gitbucket.war. All GitBucket data is stored in HOME/gitbucket. So if you want to back up GitBucket data, copy this directory to the other disk.

For Installation on Windows Server with IIS see this wiki page

Release Notes

1.7 - 26 Oct 2013

  • Support working on Java6 in embedded Jetty mode
  • Add --host option to bind specified host name in embedded Jetty mode
  • Add --https=true option to use https in embedded Jetty mode
  • Add full name as user property
  • Change link color for absent Wiki pages
  • Add ZIP download button to the repository viewer tab
  • Improve ZIP exporting performance
  • Expand issue and comment textarea for long text automatically
  • Add conflict detection in Wiki
  • Add reverting wiki page from history
  • Match committer to user name by email address
  • Mail notification sender is customizable
  • Add link to changeset in refs comment for issues
  • Fix some bugs

1.6 - 1 Oct 2013

  • Web hook
  • Performance improvement for pull request
  • Executable war file
  • Specify suitable Content-Type for downloaded files in the repository viewer
  • Fix some bugs

1.5 - 4 Sep 2013

  • Fork and pull request
  • LDAP authentication
  • Mail notification
  • Add an option to turn off the gravatar support
  • Add the branch tab in the repository viewer
  • Encoding auto detection for the file content in the repository viewer
  • Add favicon, header logo and icons for the timeline
  • Specify data directory via environment variable GITBUCKET_HOME
  • Fix some bugs

1.4 - 31 Jul 2013

  • Group management
  • Repository search for code and issues
  • Display user related issues on the dashboard
  • Display participants avatar of issues on the issue page
  • Performance improvement for repository viewer
  • Alert by milestone due date
  • H2 database administration console
  • Fix some bugs

1.3 - 18 Jul 2013

  • Batch updating for issues
  • Display assigned user on issue list
  • User icon and Gravatar support
  • Convert @xxxx to link to the account page
  • Add copy to clipboard button for git clone URL
  • Allow multi-byte characters as wiki page name
  • Allow to create the empty repository
  • Fix some bugs

1.2 - 09 Jul 2013

  • Add activity timeline
  • Bugfix for Git or later
  • Allow multi-byte characters as label
  • Fix some bugs

1.1 - 05 Jul 2013

  • Fix some bugs
  • Upgrade to JGit 3.0

1.0 - 04 Jul 2013

  • This is a first public release