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garoller committed Dec 6, 2018
1 parent 0829396 commit 40c5b93382156aca52643aab7df3c8c956b4dd20
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@@ -10,7 +10,24 @@
// These need to match the prefixes of question IDs
$scope.export_items = [
{name: 'All', question_prefix: null}
{name: 'All', question_prefix: null},
{name: 'Demographics', question_prefix: 'demographics'},
{name: 'Residence Life', question_prefix: 'reslife'},
{name: 'Greek Housing', question_prefix: 'greekHousing'},
{name: 'Off-Campus Housing', question_prefix: 'offcampus'},
{name: 'Graduate Council', question_prefix: 'gc'},
{name: 'Student Life', question_prefix: 'slc'},
{name: 'Facilities & Services', question_prefix: 'fsc'},
{name: 'Academic Affairs', question_prefix: 'aac'},
{name: 'Hospitality Services', question_prefix: 'hsac'},
{name: 'Web Technologies', question_prefix: 'wtg'},
{name: 'Student Government Communications', question_prefix: 'sgcc'},
{name: 'Community Relations', question_prefix: 'crc'},
{name: 'Elections Commision', question_prefix: 'ec'},
{name: 'Diversity and Inclusion', question_prefix: 'dic'},
{name: 'Arch Task Force', question_prefix: 'atf'},
{name: 'General', question_prefix: 'general'},
{name: 'Other (final free-response question)', question_prefix: 'other'},
$scope.export_url = function(file_type, question_prefix) {

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