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Fixed bug where the route a stop was on could not be changed

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jlyon1 committed May 10, 2017
1 parent 37dd08b commit bb739544bc03ba9548765eb5d72853f68b62e54b
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  1. +5 −8 static/components/tracking-stops.html
@@ -69,13 +69,8 @@ <h1> New Stop </h1>
<div class="flex" style="flex:2">
<form is="iron-form" id="stopForm" content-type="application/json" method="post" action="/stops/create">
<paper-dropdown-menu class="route-select" label="Route" selected-item="{{selectedRoute}}">
<paper-menu class="dropdown-content">
<template is="dom-repeat" items="{{routes}}" as="route">
<paper-item value="{{}}">{{}}</paper-item>
<paper-input name="routeId" label="Route Id" id="routeId" value=""></paper-input>
<paper-input name="name" label="Stop Name" id="name" value=""></paper-input>
<paper-input name="description" label="Description" id="desc" value=""></paper-input>
<paper-input name="address" label="Address" id="addr" value=""></paper-input>
@@ -92,7 +87,7 @@ <h1> New Stop </h1>
<input type="hidden" name="lat" id="stopLat">
<input type="hidden" name="lng" id="stopLng">
<input type="hidden" name="toDelete" id="toDelete">
<input type="hidden" name="routeId" id = "routeId" value="{{selectedRoute.value}}">
<paper-button class="submit-stop" raised on-click="submitStop">Submit</paper-button>
@@ -184,6 +179,8 @@ <h1> New Stop </h1>
title: stops[i]["name"]
this.$.routeId.value = stops[i]["routeId"];
this.$.name.value = stops[i]["name"];
this.$.en.value = stops[i]["enabled"];
//This doesnt work?

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