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commandChan - a terminal 4chan browser

  1. Introduction
  2. Screenshots
  3. Hotkeys
  4. TODO List
  5. Bug List


Created out of a desire to browse 4chan at work. This is a terminal browsing application for 4chan. Built using the urwid library for python and the 4chan API.


Board Index

Board View

Thread View


  • 'q' - go up a level, or quit the program if viewing the board index
  • 'u' - in-place update either the catalog or the thread in focus
  • 'w' - watch the currently focused thread
  • 'e' - view the thread watcher


  • Display images links on posts
  • Board and Thread fetch information in the footer
  • [] Filtering options on all pages with information in the footer
  • [] Display comment replies in the info bar at the top of the comment
  • [] Save threads to a custom hotkey menu
    • Watch threads from the board view
    • Watch thread from within the thread
    • [] Hotkey to delete thread from watcher
    • [] Auto-prune threads that get archived
  • [] Quote button full interaction
    • Quotes of OP have the (OP) designator
    • Interacting with Quotes displays a preview of said Quote
    • [] Size of preview depends on size of quote being previewed
    • [] Chain Quote Previews together to view up the quote tree
  • [] Split view based on hotkeys
  • [] Timed updating of threads
  • [] Posting from the client

Bugs List

Cause Effect Fix
Posts get incorrectly flagged as containing images Program fatally crashes Changed where the image links were being parsed
Cross Thread Links Program fatally crashes
Unknown Image links aren't displayed Replaced the code I accidentally erased

If you wish to contribute or know more please feel free to contact me!