An web application for an othello AI
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Sick Othello AI

William Theisen // Jose Badilla // Michael Burke // Daniel Jasek

Server: - Re-write curves to use variable length based on # of turns - Allow creation of game object to specify additional rules - Allow for creation of game object to specify different AI models - Fix bugs related to game crashing - Write wrapper functions for different playing styles

Front-End: - A shit-ton

Database: - Indexing for the gamestates to speed things up - Different tables for the different AI models?


  • turn rollback (Billy)
  • possible move locations (Danny)
  • stats
    • game stats
      • point differential graph (Danny)
    • user stats (Michael/Billy)
      • wins/losses/ties
      • average score
      • winning pct
    • global stats (Pat - backend)
      • number of entries in the database
      • board states with the highest/lowest win pct
      • win pct/vs entries in the database
    • adjusting difficulty
      • 1st level - random
  • turn skipping if no moves available for both the AI.s and humans - Michael
  • invalid move - Michael // Jose -- frontend
  • end of game - Michael