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# Summary of release changes, see commit history for more details:
* Release v21:
- New mailing list for developer discussion and announcements:!forum/autojump
- Switch to semantic versioning ( major.minor.micro
major = breaks backwards compatibility
minor = new features with backwards compatibility
micro = bug fixes with backwards compatibility
- Migration code for v17 or older users has been removed.
During testing, it was apparent that the migration code wasn't working to
begin with. The major distros (Debian, RedHat) have already moved to v18+ for
LTS. Rolling release distros and Homebrew / Macports are regularly kept up to
Users upgrading from v17 or older will start with a new database.
- Approximate matching introduced.
Matching priority is now:
1. exact match
2. case insensitive match
3. approximate match
- The `j` function now accepts autojump arguments (e.g. --help, --stat).
As a result, the `jumpstat` alias is now removed. The preferred method is `j
--stat` or `j -s`. Consequently, autojump cannot jump to directories
beginning with a hyphen '-'.
- Always use case insensitive search with AUTOJUMP_IGNORE_CASE=1
As mentioned earlier, normal priority is to prefer exact match and then check
for case insensitive match. For users who prefer case insensitivity can now
modify the program behavior.
- Prevent database decay with AUTOJUMP_KEEP_ALL_ENTRIES=1
The database is regularly trimmed for performance reasons. However users can
prevent database maintenance with the above environmental variable.
- ZSH tab completion fixed.
ZSH behavior now matches Bash behavior. However it requires the `compinit`
module to be loaded. Add the following line to ~/.zshrc:
autoload -U compinit; compinit
To use type:
A menu showing the top database entries will be displayed. Type in any number
followed by <tab> to complete the entry.
- Database entry weight growth changed form linear to logarithmic scale.
A combination of low total weight ceiling and linear growth resulted in
a few, commonly used directories to be responsible for 50%+ of the total
database weight. This caused unnecessary trimming of long tail entries.
Switching to logarithmic growth combined with regular decay meant that
commonly used directories still climbed database ranking appropriately with a
more even weight distribution.
- Unit testing suite added.
- Miscellaneous refactoring, bug fixes, documentation updates.
* Release v20:
- Python versions supported is now v2.7+ and v3.2+ due to rewrite using
- Man page and --help has been overhauled to provide better documentation and
usage scenarios.
- Installation scripts now act dependent on current environmental settings.
If run as root, will do a global install. Installation script also detects
which version to install (bash or zsh) dependent on $SHELL. Both of these
behaviors can be overrode using --local/--global or --bash/--zsh arguments.
- Uninstallation script added, will remove both global and local installations
but ignores database.
- Allow symlink database entries with AUTOJUMP_KEEP_SYMLINKS=1
Normally symlinks are resolved to full path to prevent duplicate database
entries. However users who prefer symlink paths can modify behavior with the
above environmental variable.
- This ChangeLog added to better help package maintainers keep track of
between releases.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
* Release v19:
- prototype `cp` and `mv` directory tab completion
- Debian post-installation instructions
- minor Mac OS X fixes
* Release v18:
- add automated version numbering
- performance tweaks to reduce filesystem checks
- add local installation option
- unicode fixes
- ugly fixes for Python 3
- migrate to new database format
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