Vim support for Rust file detection and syntax highlighting.
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This work has been replaced by an official plugin: rust-lang/rust.vim

Historically this existed as a useful plugin for working with Rust and keeping up with nightly build changes pre-1.0. Now that the language as relatively stabilized since v1.0 there's less need for this plugin, especially considering there's an official version now.


This is a vim plugin provides Rust file detection and syntax highlighting.

It is synchronized daily to the vim support code in rust-lang/rust's master branch via cronjob.


Using Vundle

  1. Add Plugin 'wting/rust.vim' to ~/.vimrc
  2. vim +PluginInstall +qall

Note: Vundle will not automatically detect Rust files properly if filetype on is executed before Vundle. Please check the quickstart for more details.

Using Pathogen

  1. cd ~/.vim/bundle
  2. git clone