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Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @bors
  2. @bors

    Auto merge of #24519 - rprichard:opt-write-args, r=alexcrichton

    bors authored
    It's just as convenient, but it's much faster. Using write! requires an
    extra call to fmt::write and a extra dynamically dispatched call to
    Arguments' Display format function.
  3. @bors
  4. @bors

    Auto merge of #24428 - kwantam:deprecate_unicode_fns, r=alexcrichton

    bors authored
    This patch
    1. renames libunicode to librustc_unicode,
    2. deprecates several pieces of libunicode (see below), and
    3. removes references to deprecated functions from
       librustc_driver and libsyntax. This may change pretty-printed
       output from these modules in cases involving wide or combining
       characters used in filenames, identifiers, etc.
    The following functions are marked deprecated:
    1. char.width() and str.width():
       --> use unicode-width crate
    2. str.graphemes() and str.grapheme_indices():
       --> use unicode-segmentation crate
    3. str.nfd_chars(), str.nfkd_chars(), str.nfc_chars(), str.nfkc_chars(),
       char.compose(), char.decompose_canonical(), char.decompose_compatible(),
       --> use unicode-normalization crate
  5. @bors

    Auto merge of #24209 - nikomatsakis:refactor-unification, r=nrc

    bors authored
    I'm on a quest to slowly refactor a lot of the inference code. A first step for that is moving the "pure data structures" out so as to simplify what's left. This PR moves `snapshot_vec`, `graph`, and `unify` into their own crate (`librustc_data_structures`). They can then be unit-tested, benchmarked, etc more easily. As a benefit, I improved the performance of unification slightly on the benchmark I added vs the original code.
    r? @nrc
  6. @bors

    Auto merge of #24133 - kballard:add-sync-to-io-error, r=alexcrichton

    bors authored
    This allows `io::Error` values to be stored in `Arc` properly.
    Because this requires `Sync` of any value passed to `io::Error::new()`
    and modifies the relevant `convert::From` impls, this is a
    Fixes #24049.
  7. @bors

    Auto merge of #23985 - erickt:derive-cleanup, r=erickt

    bors authored
    This extracts some of the minor cleanup patches from #23905.
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @bors

    Auto merge of #24500 - pnkfelix:oflo-checked-neg, r=nikomatsakis

    bors authored
    Add conditional overflow-checking to signed negate operator.
    I argue this can land independently of #24420 , because one can write the implementation of `wrapped_neg()` inline if necessary (as illustrated in two cases on this PR).
    This needs to go into beta channel.
  2. @bors

    Auto merge of #24461 - nikomatsakis:issue-22077-unused-lifetimes, r=a…

    bors authored
    This makes it illegal to have unconstrained lifetimes that appear in an associated type definition. Arguably, we should prohibit all unconstrained lifetimes -- but it would break various macros. It'd be good to evaluate how large a break change it would be. But this seems like the minimal change we need to do to establish soundness, so we should land it regardless. Another variant would be to prohibit all lifetimes that appear in any impl item, not just associated types. I don't think that's necessary for soundness -- associated types are different because they can be projected -- but it would feel a bit more consistent and "obviously" safe. I'll experiment with that in the meantime.
    r? @aturon 
    Fixes #22077.
  3. @bors
  4. @bors
  5. @tamird
  6. @tamird

    Clarify comment

    tamird authored
  7. @nikomatsakis

    Address nits

    nikomatsakis authored
  8. @nikomatsakis

    Add licenses.

    nikomatsakis authored
  9. @nikomatsakis

    Port to use the new Unify code, which has no UnifyValue trait

    nikomatsakis authored
    but is otherwise mostly the same.
  10. @nikomatsakis

    Port to using the newer graph, which offers iterators instead of the

    nikomatsakis authored
    older `each` method, but is otherwise identical.
  11. @nikomatsakis

    Use the newer snapshot_vec, which has a simplified delegate

    nikomatsakis authored
    interface since in practice no delegates had any state.
  12. @nikomatsakis
  13. @nikomatsakis

    Fix some missing cases

    nikomatsakis authored
  14. @nikomatsakis

    Augment the constrainted parameter check to ensure that all regions

    nikomatsakis authored
    which get mentioned in an associated type are constrained.  Arguably we
    should just require that all regions are constrained, but that is more
    of a breaking change.
  15. @nikomatsakis

    Rewrite constrained type params code to operate generically over

    nikomatsakis authored
    multiple kinds of parameters (regions and types, specifically)
  16. @nikomatsakis
  17. @pnkfelix
  18. @Manishearth
  19. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #24515 - steveklabnik:gh24070, r=Gankro

    Manishearth authored
     Fixes #24070
    or rather, fixes it even though it's already been fixed: slices are before now. But the linking is nice anyway.
  20. @Manishearth
  21. @Manishearth

    Rollup merge of #24510 - fhartwig:broken-links, r=nikomatsakis

    Manishearth authored
     Fix broken links in various parts of the docs.
    I also found a dead link [here]( (the first link on the page), but the chapter of the book that it used to point at seems to be gone, and I'm not sure what should happen to that link.
  22. @Manishearth
  23. @Manishearth
  24. @Manishearth
  25. @Manishearth
  26. @Manishearth
  27. @Manishearth
  28. @Manishearth
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