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== Welcome to CouchDB Model Skeleton
These files comprise a starting point for using CouchDB with Rails 3 and
== Why?
The couchrest_model gem does not yet include Rails 3 initializers. It took
some poking around and reading source to figure out configuration options--I
hope this with save others time.
The initializer and yaml config are from couchrest-rails by Henry Poydar.
== Getting Started
1. Install current versions of CouchDB (1.0.1 or later), Bundler, Rails 3 and
RSpec 2.
2. Install the couchrest_model gem (version 1.0.0.beta8 or newer):
<tt>gem install couchrest_model --pre</tt>
3. Run Bundler to ensure all dependencies are met:
<tt>bundle install</tt>
4. If step 3 failed, you must ensure your couchrest_model install can coexist
with rails 3.0 gems. You may install the latest copy from the Github repo.
Alternately, you can adjust the gemspec dependencies (please note that
changing gem dependencies is NOT considered best practice):
<tt>s.add_dependency(%q<activesupport>, ["~> 3.0.3"])</tt>
<tt>s.add_dependency(%q<activemodel>, ["~> 3.0.3"])</tt>
You will find the gemspec file under your ruby directory:
5. Run specs with one of the following commands:
<tt>bundle exec rspec spec</tt> OR
6. Batch replace the text 'CouchDBModelSkeleton' with your app's name.
7. Read up on CouchDB:
* The couchrest_model repository on Github:
* The couchrest_rails repository on Github:
* The Apache CouchDB website:
== Support
This setup has been tested with Rails 3, Ruby 1.9.2p0, rspec-rails 3.2.1, and
CouchDB 1.0.1.
== License
Copyright (c) 2010 William T Nelson (except where noted)
Released under the Simplified BSD license