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Welcome to the Pysis wiki!

Please read the README.md for basic installation and quickstart guide.

Intended audience

Planetary scientists and engineers who already use USGS ISIS 3. ISIS 3 is an image processing software package written in C++ for use with images collected by current and past NASA planetary missions sent to various solar system bodies.

Where to get help

If you find a bug or serious issue, please log it to the "issues" tab of the github page.

Pysis Tools and Features

  • execute all ISIS 3 commands within a python script
  • parse ISIS cube file labels (headers)
  • run ISIS commands in parallel (optional)
  • automatically starts the installed version of ISIS 3 at import
  • filename variation handling
  • includes binning utility

Coming Soon

How to contribute to the Pysis project.

  • This section will include (in detail):
  • How to check out your project's source code.
  • Which branch to use for development.
  • What style rules to follow when adding code.
  • How to run all of the project's unit tests, integration tests, etc.
  • An example workflow.