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#MyoConductor (Made for UofTHacks)

###Made by: Robert Chiang, Tony Wang, Kye Wei

MyoConductor is a Chrome extension that allows a user to use the Myo gesture armband to control the tempo and dynamics of HTML5 videos through typical conducting gestures. This includes videos hosted on popular sites like Youtube.


  • Initial calibration to match tempo of song
  • Increasing/Decreasing Volume
  • Speeding up/Slowing Down video
  • Pause/Play video
  • Support for conducting in 4/4 time


  • Chrome Extension API
  • Myo SDK through the browser with currently beta WebSockets and JavaScript bindings

##Myo Gesture/Movement Mapping

  • Wave-In: Calibrates orientation, resets tempo and begins tempo calibration period
  • Wave-Out: Resets speed to default
  • Fist: Holds/pauses media
  • Rest: Resumes playing media
  • Speed of Arm Movement: Lets user keep control of the beat, speed up or slow down tempo
  • Magnitude of Arm Movement: Sound level, dynamics
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