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High Integrity Artificial Intelligence Systems


The High Integrity Artificial Intelligence (HIAI) project is an attempt to bootstrap an open source Software Support Environment (SSE) targeted at the development and through-life-cycle support of distributed intelligent sensor systems in applications that demand both rapid development and consideration given to safety-integrity and security risks.

This project integrates various open-source software development tools and is intended to supply the software and procedural elements of a Developmental Software Support Environment (DSSE) and a Life Cycle Software Support Environment (LCSSE) as defined in DOD-STD-1467 paragraph 3.7.

A Software Support Environment (SSE) is "A host computer system, plus other related equipment and procedures located in a facility that provides a total support capability for the software of a target computer system (or a set of functionally and physically related target computer systems).

The SSE enables the performance of a full range of services in support of the software:

  1. Performance evaluation.
  2. System and software generation.
  3. Development and testing of changes.
  4. Simulation, emulation.
  5. Training.
  6. Software integration.
  7. Configuration management.
  8. Operational distribution.

The HIAI SSE is intended to support the future development of a line of distributed intelligent sensor systems products. I.e. systems involving networked embedded sensors connected to back-end processes handling data aggregation and analysis. As such, it integrates tools from the "data science" and "big data" communities together with those from the embedded software development community, and ties the two together with common configuration management, requirements engineering and quality assurance tools to a level that is intended to meet the requireemnts of commonly accepted software engineering best practices (iso-15504 SPICE; CMMI)

It is hoped that the free availability of such tools will lower the barriers to entry; encourage competition and thereby drive improvements in the safety, security and quality of the products available in this space.


  • Requirements management tools integration.
  • Task management tools integration.
  • Static analysis tools integration.
  • Test tools integration.
  • Traceability.
  • Proof of completeness.

Getting Started

This system is not yet in a state where it can be easily used. The first usable pre-release version will be released around Q4 2017.

git clone ~/dev/b0_dev
cd ~/dev/b0_dev
./da build dependencies
./da build


Send a message to to discuss possible contributions.


William Payne 2016-04-14


High Integrity Artificial Intelligence Systems







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