The Gotoh algorithm for LaTeX
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Package Gotoh (v1.1)

Build Status

LaTeX package: An implementation of the Gotoh sequence alignment algorithm.

System Requirements

  • TeX format: LaTeX2e
  • TeX engine: any engine
  • Document class: any class
  • Prerequisite package: xkeyval


To install the package, interpret the gotoh.ins file with LaTeX.

latex gotoh.ins

Then move the files as follows (in a system compliant to TDS 1.1).

  • *.sty: $TEXMF/tex/latex/gotoh/
  • *.dtx, *.ins: $TEXMF/source/latex/gotoh/
  • *.pdf, *.tex: $TEXMF/doc/latex/gotoh/

And rehash your TEXMF trees if necessary.


This package is distributed under the MIT license.

Takuto ASAKURA (wtsnjp)