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Sync Twitter and Mastodon nicely ― forward tweets to Mastodon and forward toots to Twitter, carefully not to make duplicate posts on a service. Other features of

  • images are also forwarded each other,
  • sync so-called "thread" and "self BT/RT" as well,
  • shortened URLs (such as*) are expanded before posting, and
  • multiple pairs of Mastodon/Twitter accounts are supported.


This script is designed to work with Python (3.5 or later).


All dependencies can be installed by one shot:

$ python install


Setup running

After installing the script, run once by hand and fill the following fields:

$ python
Welcome to Twoot! Please answer a few questions.

#1 First, decide about your application.
Name (optional; empty for ""): 
Website (optional; empty for ""): 

#2 Tell me about your Mastodon account.
Instance (e.g., 
Login e-mail (never stored): 
Login password (never stored): 

#3 Tell me about your Twitter account.
cf. You can get keys & tokens from
API key: 
API secret key: 
Access token: 
Access token secret: 

All configuration done. Thanks!

When the setup mode is completed successfully, all necessary configuration will be stored under $HOME/ No toots nor tweets are sent within the setup mode.

Note: If you want to change these configuration, execute python --setup to start setup mode once again or just edit $HOME/ directly.

Regular running

After the setup running, set cron (or whatever) to run python regularly, e.g., running every 15 sec:

* * * * * for i in `seq 0 15 59`;do (sleep ${i}; python /path/to/ --log=/path/to/twoot.log) & done;

Using profile

You can detect a profile with the command line option --profile (-p) to use this script for multiple accounts. The configuration and the data for a profile NAME are saved to ~/ and ~/ respectively. When you omit the command line option, the "default" profile is automatically selected.


This software is distributed under the MIT license.

Takuto ASAKURA (wtsnjp)


Sync Twitter and Mastodon nicely





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