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A Docker repository to run Telegraf Agent
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A simple and easy-to-use Telegraf docker container.

Current version: 0.1.0

Default configuration template

The default configuration template (telegraf.conf.template) has been set with the following settings:

flush_interval = 10s  
flush_jitter = 5s  

Following parameters can be overridden (see Configuration section):

node = "node"  
interval = 1s  

  urls = ["http://localhost:8086"]  
  database = "metrics"
  precision = "s"  
  user = "root"  
  password = "root"


Simply run this command on your host:

docker run -t loicortola/telegraf


Multiple environment variables can be set to better configure your Telegraf container.

  • NODE_NAME : a global tag for your node. Tag will be called "node" (default value: "node")
  • INTERVAL : set the default interval to perform data collection. (default value: 1s)
  • HOST : change the target InfluxDB host (default: "localhost")
  • PORT : change the default InfluxDB HTTP API port (default: "8086")
  • DB : change the InfluxDB name where data will be sent (default: "metrics")
  • USERNAME : provide username for the target InfluxDB (default: "root")
  • PASSWORD : provide password for the target InfluxDB (default: "root")


docker run -t -e "" -e "USER=metrics" -e "PASSWORD=1234password" loicortola/telegraf  
docker run -t -e "NODE_NAME=local" -e "DB=localmetrics" -e "INTERVAL=10s" -e "PORT=8111" loicortola/telegraf
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