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A small script to grab adsl information from a DGND3700v2 router
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I've wanted to graph my adsl line stats for a while now. After tweaking the SNR ratios on my router I've wanted to keep an eye out on the line stats to ensure my line stays reliable.

This is a little script that connects to my NETGEAR DGND3700v2 via telnet, grabs the adsl line stats, and finally sends them to a statsd server that I've got running.

This project requires python 2.7.


Clone the repository and run the

git clone
cd router-stats
chmod +x


Before you run the script you will have to enable debug mode on your modem. You can do this by visiting this url in your browser.

Once you've done that you can execute the script. Make sure you're username and password are correct as there is no error handling. It either works or crashes 🙃

$ ./ --router --username admin --password password --statsd-server --statsd-port 1234
Max Upstream: 1045
Max Downstream: 16624
Bearer Upstream: 1045
Bearer Downstream: 21847
SNR up: 13.1
SNR down: 0.8
ATTN up: 12.6
ATTN down: 20.5
PWR up: 12.1
PWR down: 18.6

Now I collect the stats every 10 seconds by running the command above in a simple while loop. I can't think of a better way to do this as crontab only goes down to a minute. (If you have a better idea please open an issue!)

while true ; do ./ --router --username admin --password password --statsd-server --statsd-port 1234; sleep 10; done
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