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  1. Swiss army knife for Adobe Experience Manager related automation. Environment setup & incremental AEM application build which takes seconds, not minutes.

    Kotlin 156 33

  2. aet Public

    AET - a system that detects visual changes on web sites and performs basic page health checks

    Java 123 47

  3. SonarQube plugin with set of rules detecting possible bugs and bad smells specific for AEM development.

    Java 104 45

  4. bobcat Public archive

    Bobcat is an automated testing framework for functional testing of web applications.

    Java 93 43

  5. Slice Public

    Slice - a framework which simplifies Sling/AEM development by using dependency injection pattern and mapping Sling resources into Java objects

    Java 65 24

  6. APM Public

    AEM Permission Management (APM) is an AEM based tool focused on streamlining the permission configuration.

    Java 53 15



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