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PyroCMS HTML5 boilerplate empty theme (legacy CodeIgniter version, NOT PyroCMS 3)
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For when Minimal is too fancy...

An (unofficial) barebones copy of HTML5 Boilerplate as a PyroCMS theme.
This is the stripped (comment free) version. Header, footer and metadata partials only.

Uses: H5BP v4.2.0 (8 Apr 2013) Tested with: PyroCMS Community Edition 2.2.1-dev (3 May 2013, commit a9e347)

It includes all that's in H5BP except:

  • crossdomain.xml
  • favicon.ico and apple-touch icons
  • robots.txt and humans.txt

(All of which need to go in your site root anyway, rather than the /themes dir)

I've added jQuery Migrate (runs in 'development' environment only) to help you find and fix any jQuery 1.9 compatibility problems given it's quite new.

For more on HTML5 Boilerplate, see Major PyroCMS releases are announced in the PyroCMS blog:


  1. Copy all files to /addons/shared_addons/themes/ (create a new subdirectory for them)
  2. Go to http://www.*yoursite*.com/admin/addons/themes
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