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Curated Puppet Documentation


Puppet Docs

Curated documentation for Puppet.


Steps for installing the documentation-generating code:

  1. Clone the repository:

    $ git clone git://

  2. Use your package manager to install rake, libxml2-dev, and libxslt-dev. Package names may vary by platform.

    If you are using version < 1.8.7 of Ruby you will need to install version 0.3.3 of blockenspiel and remove it from the Rakefile.

  3. Install the ruby dependencies

    $ sudo rake install

  4. Generate the documentation:

    $ rake generate

  5. Start a little server to view it at http://localhost:9292:

    Install librack-ruby1.8 using your package manager. The name of the package may vary by platform.

    Also install python-docutils which is needed to build the generated reference docs.

    $ rake serve

    Note: Use rake run to combine these last two steps.

Build Generated Docs For A Given Puppet Version

$ VERSION=0.25.0 rake references:puppetdoc

requires python-docutils

Errors and Omissions

If something in the documentation doesn't seem right -- or if you think something important is missing, please submit a ticket to the "puppet-docs" project (not to Puppet itself). The best way to get your change in is to contribute it; see the next section for details.

NOTE: If you're talking about additional content, keep in mind that it might make more sense to be on the Wiki. You might want to start by adding it there.

Contributing Changes

  • Fork the project (we recommend GitHub)
  • Make sure you read the writing guide, README_WRITING.markdown
  • Make your documentation addition/fix -- preferably in a branch.
  • If you're fixing or adding features to the generation infrastructure, add some passing specs.
  • Commit, do not mess with the README, LICENSE, etc.
  • Submit a ticket requesting your contribution be added, and make sure you note the location of the repository and branch.


Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Puppet Labs. See LICENSE for details.

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