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Revision history for perl module Growl::Tiny
0.0.6 2015-02-14
- update docs for GrowlNotify prereqs
- add cpanfile for development
0.0.5 2013-11-15
- add 'url' field
- indicate only supported OS is apple using Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AssertOS
- fix a few Test::PodSpelling issues
- update changes date format per
0.0.4 2011-08-28
- tweaks to documentation
- add example to SYNOPSIS
- document 'identifier' option
- add additional pod test cases and remove duplicate critic test case
0.0.3 2011-04-23
- adding support for growl identifier
- message coalescing, updates an existing growl window
- update for latest version of Dist::Zilla
0.0.2 2009-12-04
- add 'host' option for network notifications
- add 'image' option - specify a path to an image for the notification icon
- add 'name' option to specify name of application sending the notification
0.0.1 2009-11-22
- initial release
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