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wubot extensions
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amazon prefix AmazonPrice plugin log messages from with plugin name
command handle command strings that contain dollar signs
contacts updates to web interface and templates
elasticsearch creating WubotX as a separate project
elements fix a bug where sunrise/sunset messages could be sent an hour late
facebook/lib/App/Wubot/Plugin big fix for hacky facebook scraper
file moved a bunch more plugins from wubot core into WubotX
firefox/lib/App/Wubot/Plugin move firefox bookmarks plugin into WubotX/firefox
git some tweaks to the git plugin
i2ctemp/lib/App/Wubot/Plugin update i2c temperature monitor to use new Device::TMP102
irc/lib/App/Wubot improve irc connection message
mail creating WubotX as a separate project
notify add a method to render notifications in json
osx update workhours script to display day of week
outlook adding a new exchange web mailbox monitor
radar minor updates to RadarWeb
riak riak reactor logs time to insert at debug level
rrd minor improvements to rrd reactor
rss updates to rss web ui
serialport make baud rate configurable in SerialPort monitor
sharepoint a couple of new prototypes, not yet ready for mass consumption
state state reactor requires key field
storage/lib/App/Wubot/Reactor adding a plugin to archive all messages by checksum in sqlite
taskbot remove thumbnails page from taskbot webui
time/lib/App/Wubot/Plugin move new AmazonWishList and Time plugins into WubotX
timetracker update custom TimeTracker scraper
tivo log a message at info level when spawning child process
trie/lib/App/Wubot/Reactor FileTrie - ensure that message contains checksum
tv very minor tweaks to xmltv plugin
twitter/lib/App/Wubot/Plugin creating WubotX as a separate project
unix update DiskSpace plugin to track status per filesystem
urllengthen adding another test case to url lengthener reactor
weather prototyping a new weather tracker monitor
webgraphs various improvements to web graphs
webui update .gitignore for webui
xmpp log a message at debug level when delivering message to wubot_xmpp_to
.gitignore .gitignore for semantic.cache files from emacs
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