Server migration library and toolchain
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CloudFlock is an API and toolchain aimed at making automating tasks involved in migrating servers easier.


CloudFlock aims to be supportable on as many platforms as possible, so depending on any system binaries is avoided. If the following libraries are installed and functional, CloudFlock should work as expected:

* fog
* cpe
* console-glitter

CLI Toolchain

The cloudflock utility is wizard-driven and attempts to be as easy to use as possible. If any part of the process is unclear, then cloudflock has failed to do its job. Each utility's command line options can be fully exposed by invoking:

cloudflock <utilityname> --help


The profile utility generates a report about a remote Unix host.


The servers utility provides the functionality for automating host-level migrations of Unix hosts. Migrations can be performed to already-provisioned hosts, or a host can be provisioned automatically on Rackspace.


The files utility provides for migrating collections of files between Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files and local directories.


The CloudFlock API can be used to build services around CloudFlock's functionality. The CLI applications under cloudflock/app should serve as reasonably straightforward reference implementations.


Please avoid pull requests against the master branch, which should represent the state of the current gem. The 'working' branch should be used as a target for pull requests when in doubt.


Copyright © 2013,2014 Rackspace US, Inc. See COPYING for details.