OAuth implementation for the narwhal platform
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This is a port of Python's oauth2 library to narwhal.

There are two examples under the examples directory which demonstrate how to use the library against the Twitter API.

The first one assumes that your Twitter applicaction has configuration "Application Type: Client" (set in Twitter's app config page). Then set your consumer key and secret in oauth_twitter_1.js and oauth_twitter_2.js files. Now you can run it.

cd examples
narwhal oauth_twitter_1.js

Next, copy access token to oauth_twitter_2.js and run:

narwhal oauth_twitter_2.js

The second example uses Jack and assumes that your Twitter application has following configuration:

Application Type: Browser
Callback URL:
Use Twitter for login: Yes

After that you can run the application (assuming Jack starts listening to port 8080).

cd examples
jackup jack_twitter.js

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ and click the link.


Copyright (C) MIT License

Tampere University of Technology

Author: wuher (jedi@cs.tut.fi)


  • There's already a significant amount of unit tests but the ones in oauth2 should be ported too.
  • Port client-server communication example from oauth2.
  • More documentation to functions.
  • In Client.request(), add support for inserting OAuth headers into the Authorization HTTP header instead of the query string.
  • The port is based on the version of python-oauth2 as it was in 2010-03-27. There has been couple of bug fixes since. "Merge" these.