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HSSA journal LaTeX stylesheet


Maintenance site for the LaTeX stylesheet for History of Science in South Asia (

These files assume that you have installed the TeXLive distribution (or similar).

The most important files here are

  • hssa.cls
  • hssa.sty

These two contain the formatting instructions for the journal's articles. They call the other files, like

  • hssa-biblatex.sty
  • hssa-indexing.sty
    • xindex-iast.lua goes in ../localtexmf/tex/luatex/xindex and adds IAST alphabetical order and xindex tweaks.
  • hssa-reledmac.sty (for two-column footnotes and for critical editions)

The file

  • hssa-documentation.dtx

is the driver file for formatting and printing the documentation for users and hackers (see the output PDF).


The template_HSSA.tex file gives a brief example of how an article works.

snapshot and bundledoc

Note that the template starts by calling snapshot.sty.
This creates a file foobar.dep that lists all the files used in a TeX run.
After an article is finished and published, I run bundledoc-dw foobar and that creates a archive file that contains all the files needed to compile the document. This is helpful as the years pass and small changes accumulate in TeXLive, or if one just wants to send someone the whole thing without worrying about dependencies. In the long run, it might be sensible to upload these archive files to the HSSA OJS website, to sit with the original articles, for the sake of long-term archival integrity.


I've put this here just for archival purposes. It was a sui-generis style file for issue 5.2 of the journal. It calls old-fashioned style files ("STM") that were used for early issues of the journal and should now be ignored.

To do:

Make a separate, much simpler file of instructions meant for authors. Or not. Maybe the best thing is to ask them to use simple LaTeX.

Copyright and license

These HSSA journal production LaTeX style files are all (C) Copyright Dominik Wujastyk, 2020.

HSSA journal production LaTeX style files by Dominik Wujastyk is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit