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library for parsing, manipulating and indexing FLV files
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Assorted cleanups and style fixes for cut-flv.

Cleanup unused imports, remove some redundant code, bring help text closer to
reality, get rid of debugging output, some small PEP8 fixes.
latest commit 08967851f1
@wulczer authored


This is flvlib, a library for manipulating, parsing and verifying FLV
files.  It also includes two example scripts, debug-flv and index-flv,
which demonstrate the possible applications of the library.

If you got the source tarball, you can run the automated test suite
and install the library with:
$ tar xjf flvlib-x.x.x.tar.bz2
$ cd flvlib-x.x.x
$ python test
$ sudo python install

After that you can debug FLV files with:
$ debug-flv file.flv

and index them with:
$ index-flv -U file.flv

$ debug-flv --help
$ index-flv --help
for more available parameters.

The library and the scripts are distributed under the MIT License.
You can contact the author, Jan Urbanski, at
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