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A simple module for the ZNC IRC bouncer.

For certain channels, only buffer playback lines that contain a
highlight term and a few immediately following lines.

It has to be loaded as a user module meaning that you have to put it
in the <User> section and it takes no arguments.

You can configure three parameters, by messaging *onlyhighlight with:

/msg *onlyhighlight highlight [new-highlight term]
/msg *onlyhighlight channels [list-of-channels]
/msg *onlyhighlight linesToBuffer [number-of-lines-to-buffer-after-highlight]

If a message is received in a channel configured to be guarded by this
module and the user is not connected to ZNC, it will be discarded if
it doesn't contain the highlight term in the last linesToBuffer
lines. Channels not guarded by the module are not affected at all.

The intended use for this module is to guard high-volume channels you
frequent and that have a large playback buffer to not accumulate
messages where your nick has not been mentioned. This way when you
connect you will be able to see parts of the conversation relevant to