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Twisted WebSocket Server

To run:

$ sudo python

In your browser go to http://localhost:8080.

N.B.: Why sudo? It's because the simple server hosts a flash socket policy file on port 843. This is optional, of course.


This code is based off the associated branch for, and includes support for the new "hixie-76" handshake ( which is the latest draft as of June 17, 2010.

The difference between this and what may actually be included in Twisted is that this version contains definite backwards-support for hixie-75, and will track the latest standard as fast as I can implement it. That means that this server should work with Chrome 5, Safari 5 and the latest development version of Chrome 6.

If using browsers that do not support WebSockets, consider using a fallabck implementation to Flash, as seen in The bundled will also start a simple Flash Socket Policy server (see and should be immediately usable with web-socket-js.

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