Program used to merge .vec files for use in openCV's opencv_traincascade
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Update (20/05/15): This approach worked for my purposes, but a few people have raised concerns that using artificial data is not the best way to train a classifier [1]. As such, I would recommend approaching this method with a fair amount of skepticism. is used to merge .vec files for use in training a cascade classifier with openCV's opencv_traincascade. This code was made as replacement for mergevec.cpp (created by Naotoshi Seo. See: in order to avoid recompiling opencv with mergevec.cpp.

#To use

(1) Place all .vec files to be merged in a single directory ("vec_directory").
(2) Download
(3) Navigate to in your CLI (terminal or cmd) and enter "python -v your_vec_directory -o your_output_filename.vec".

#To test the output of

(1) Install openCV.
(2) Navigate to the output file in your CLI (terminal or cmd).
(3) Type "opencv_createsamples -w img_width -h img_height -vec your_output_filename.vec". This should show the .vec files in sequence.

The aggregate .vec output from has successfully been used to train a cascade. See the below for resources on training cascade classifiers. #opencv_traincascade Resources

[1] Counterargument:

[2] OpenCV:

[3] Naotoshi Seo:

[4] Coding Robin:

[5] StackOverflow: