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An open-source screen recorder built with web technology

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Get Kap

Download the latest release:

Or install with Homebrew-Cask:

brew install --cask kap

How To Use Kap

Click the menu bar icon to bring up the screen recorder. After selecting what portion of the screen you'd like to record, hit the record button to start recording. Click the menu bar icon again to stop the recording.

Tip: While recording, Option-click the menu bar icon to pause or right-click for more options.


Read the contribution guide.


For more info on how to create plugins, read the plugins docs.

Dev builds

Download main or builds for any other branch using:<branch>. Note that these builds are unsupported and may have issues.

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  • ▲ Vercel for fast deployments served from the edge, hosting our website, downloads, and updates.
  • ● CircleCI for supporting the open source community and making our builds fast and reliable.
  • △ Sentry for letting us know when Kap isn't behaving and helping us eradicate said behaviour.
  • Our contributors who help maintain Kap and make screen recording and sharing easy.