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<title>Gephi API Overview</title>
This documents provides Gephi APIs documentation and gives details about
current status of each API. Each API is categorized by it's stability:
stable, <span class="unstable">under development</span>, <span class="deprecated">deprecated</span> or
<span class="friend">friend</span>.
<h2>API Changes</h2>
<li>(April 10 2012) Add a <code>getShortDescription()</code> method to the <code>StatisticsUI</code> API. It enables to get a short description of statistics (used to display tooltips).
<li>(March 26 2012) Add a <code>needsItemBuilder</code> method to <code>Renderer</code> in Preview API.
This helps to avoid building unnecessary items while refreshing preview.
<li>(March 19 2012) Preview API changes:<br/>
Added a <code>getDisplayName</code> method to <code>Renderer</code> and support for extending default preview renderers.<br/>
Added a renderer manager to preview controlled with new methods in <code>PreviewModel</code> and <code>PreviewController</code>.:<br/>
<li>(March 04 2012) Add a local scale flag in Ranking API. The value can be set from the<code>RankingController</code>.</li>
<li>(March 01 2012) Add <code>RangeFilter</code> interface in Filters API to help create range filters. The filter system now automatically
manage the range values and bounds. The <code>Range</code> object now also supports exclusive intervals.</li>
<li>(February 29 2012) Add a new <code>AttributableFilter</code> filter type. This is useful for filters manipulating <code>Attributable</code>
objects regardless whether they belong to a node or edge. Also note new useful abstract plugin implementations have been added to
the <code>FiltersPlugin</code> module. Use <code>AbstractFilter</code> for any filter and <code>AbstractAttributeFilter</code> for
filters based on attributes. Filter builders are also provided.</li>
<li>(February 26 2012) Update to Netbeans Platform 7.1 and it's new perspective system. The <code>PerspectiveMember</code> SPI has to go
away and will break compatibility. Top components now directly declare the perspective they belong to in the
<code>@TopComponent.Registration</code> annotation, for instance <code>roles = {"overview"}</code> for the Overview perspective.</li>
<li>(February 08 2012) Add a <code>REPLACE_COLUMN</code> event type in <code>AttributeEvent</code>.
<li>(January 18 2012) New Timeline API exposed as a stable API. Th API controls the Timeline UI component and the animation framework.</li>
<li>(January 15 2012) Add a new <code>TIME_FORMAT</code> event in <code>DynamicModelEvent</code>. The event is triggered when the time format
is initialized.</li>
<li>(December 14 2011) Add a new <code>PerspectiveAPI</code> module and move API/SPI interfaces from the <code>DesktopPerspective</code>
module. Add a <code>PerspectiveController</code> to find and manage perspectives.</li>
<li>(November 07 2011) Add a <code>getGraphTable()</code> in the <code>AttributeModel</code>. The <code>GraphView</code> elements
can also have attributes using the same system as nodes and egdes. The data can be accessed through the <code>Graph.getAttributes()</code>
<li>(October 18 2011) Changes in the <code>DesktopPerspective</code> SPI. Modules willing to declare a panel part of a perspective
should implement the <code>PerspectiveMember</code> interface. The interface now asks for the TopComponent's ID.
<li>(September 01 2011) Complete rewrite of the Preview API with a new SPI which allows to extend the Preview with new renderers, item
builders or render targets. The API also now offers better customization through a central property system and is optimized for
external applications as well. The API is also now considered as stable.</li>
<li>(August 28 2011) New <code>DynamicStatistics</code> SPI in the <code>StatisticsAPI</code> module. The interface extends <code>Statistics</code>
and implement the calculation of metrics over time.
<li>(August 24 2011) Important changes in graph events breaking API compatibility. The <code>ADD_NODES</code> and <code>ADD_EDGES</code> are merged
into a <code>ADD_NODES_AND_EDGES</code> event. Similarly <code>REMOVE_NODES</code> and <code>REMOVE_EDGES</code> are merged into a
<code>REMOVE_NODES_AND_EDGES</code> event. <code>GraphEventData</code> remains the same and still contains both added/removed nodes and
edges. Users may simply test if arrays returned by <code>addedNodes()</code>, <code>addedEdges()</code>, <code>removedNodes()</code> and
<code>removedEdges()</code> are <code>null</code> before using them.
<li>(August 22 2011) Add new <code>executeLayout(numIterations)</code> method in <code>LayoutController</code>.
<li>(August 20 2011) The <code>StatisticsController</code> now supports synchronous algorithm execution through the <code>execute(Statistics)</code>
<li>(August 13 2011) Add new <code>startAutoTransform()</code> and <code>stopAutoTransform()</code> in Ranking API to control auto transformations.
The model also allows to retrieve the ranking used in the auto transformation. An additional <code>refreshRanking()</code> method has been added
in the <code>RankingBuilder</code> SPI for a smoother auto transformation support.</li>
<li>(July 26 2011) Added a new <code>AttributeRowsMergeStrategy</code> interface to Data Laboratory API. This is a type of manipulator that defines
and strategy for merging values of a row (node or edge) for an specific column. It should be used by other manipulators such as
<code>NodesManipulator MergeNodes</code></li>
<li>(July 19 2011) Complete refactoring of the Ranking API to improve modularity and reach a stable version of the API. The API now also has
an SPI for ranking builders and transformers. Instead of <code>getNodeRanking()</code> and <code>getEdgeRanking</code> in the model, we
introduce the concept of <b>element type</b> and generalize methods to it. Use <code>Ranking.NODE_ELEMENT</code> to obtain a node
ranking and <code>Ranking.EDGE_ELEMENT</code> for an edge ranking. Same idea for transformers, which are now defined by a unique name.
Default transformers' name can be found in the <code>Transformer</code> interface. A <code>RankingEvent</code> has also been created.
API users have to update to their client code to be compatible.</li>
<li>(July 18 2011) Add a new interface nodes and edges share: <code>Attributable</code>. That allows to manipulate objects with attributes
regardless if the object is a node or an edge. <code>Node</code>, <code>Edge</code>, <code>NodeData</code> and <code>EdgeData</code> now
now implements this interface, and a <code>getAttributes()</code> method has been added to <code>Node</code> and <code>Edge</code> to
make development easier.</li>
<li>(April 6 2011) Add <code>setCurrentQuery()</code> method on <code>FilterController</code>.</li>
<li>(February 21 2011) Important change how modules save/load data into project files. The <code>WorkspacePersistenceProvider</code> interface
from ProjectAPI now uses StAX instead of DOM. The <code>writeXML()</code> method now uses <code>XMLStreamWriter</code> and <code>readXML()</code>
<code>XMLStreamReader</code>. Backward compatibility can't be assured, modules have to use switch to StAX.
(February 11 2011) Added support of shortcut keys, availability of items and sub-items creation to Data Laboratory context menu actions
(<code>NodesManipulator</code> and <code>EdgesManipulator</code>). Also now Visualization API has an SPI for adding context menu actions
(<code>GraphContextMenuItem</code>) to nodes like DataLaboratory does with <code>NodesManipulator</code>. Note that they share the interface
<code>ContextMenuItemManipulator</code> from Data Laboratory API, so they are compatible, being able to reuse actions on nodes for Overview and Data Laboratory.
<li>(December 19 2010) Add <code>removeMetaEdge(Edge)</code> to manually remove meta edges. Add <code>getTotalEdgeCount()</code> method
to globally count the number of edges, regardless if the edge is proper or meta.
<li>(October 12 2010) Add methods in Graph API to better combine edges and meta edges features. Add <code>getEdgesAndMetaEdges(Node)</code> and
<code>getTotalDegree(Node)</code> methods, as well as their in and out variants for <code>HierarchicalDirectedGraph</code>.
<li>(September 06 2010) Add a <code>flatten()</code> method to <code>HierarchicalGraph</code> to flatten the hierarchical graph and transform
meta edges into regular edges.
<li>(September 05 2010) Add <code>destroy(Filter filter)</code> in <code>FilterBuilder</code> to receive notification when a filter
query is removed and clean-up.
<li>(September 01 2010) Add <code>MetaEdgeBuilder</code> in Graph SPI to allow custom builders. Add <code>GraphSettings.setMetaEdgeBuilder()</code>
in the graph model settings.
<li>(August 26 2010) Modify <code>StatisticsModel</code> to store reports directly instead of <code>Statistics</code> instance. As a
consequence, the model has now a <code>getReport()</code> and a <code>getResult()</code> method that UI can use. The currently
running statistics can now be get with a new <code>getRunning()</code> method.
<li>(August 19 2010) Simplify and improve attribute events management. Event listeners now subscribe directly from the
<code>AttributeModel</code> instead of <code>AttributeTable</code> and will receive events for all tables. Refactoring of the
<code>AttributeEvent</code> class with <code>AttributeTable</code> as source and a new <code>AttributeEventData</code> object as data.
A new <code>SET_VALUE</code> has been implemented for getting events when attribute values are set.
<li>(August 18 2010) Changes in <code>AttributeRowFactory</code>, the <code>newNodeRow()</code> method now takes the owner object
<code>NodeData</code> as a parameter. Similarly for <code>newEdgeRow()</code> and <code>newRowForTable()</code>.
<li>(August 17 2010) Add <code>getEdge(Node, Node)</code> in GraphAPI for consistency reasons.
<li>(August 15 2010) Changes in Processor SPI. The <code>Processor</code> has now setters instead of a <code>process()</code> method
with parameters. How processors are created remains the same. Creation of a <code>ProcessorUI</code> interface for processors settings
configuration. A <code>ProcessorUI</code> implementation provides a panel, which is shown when the import report is closing. The
<code>ProcessorUI</code> also allows to disable a processor with some conditions.
<li>(August 13 2010) Add <code>getColor()</code> method in <code>NodeDraft</code> and <code>EdgeDraft</code>.
<li>(July 19 2010) Define the "Overview, "Data Laboratory" and "Preview" as perspectives. Create a new SPI for perspecives and
perspective members. Members are simply the <code>TopComponent</code> that belong to a perspective. Plugins can implement
<code>PerspectiveMember</code> to define the open and close behaviour.
<li>(July 16 2010) Add list/array types in Attributes API. All native types has now a related list type, except dynamic types. The list
types inherits from <code>AbstractList</code>.
<li>(July 15 2010) Changes in the way Import API deals with time intervals and dynamic data. Support for dynamic attributes has been
added with a new <code>addAttributeValue()</code> method in <code>NodeDraft</code> and <code>EdgeDraft</code>. For improving data
cleanup possibilities, <code>NodeDraftGetter</code> and <code>EdgeDraftgetter</code> now returns an <code>AttributeRow</code>
instead of a list of attribute values only. Finally to profit from latest improvements, draft elements returns directly a
<code>TimeInterval</code> type instead of the list of slices. Methods with 'Slice' have been renamed to 'Interval' for
consistency reasons.
<li>(July 14 2010) Add dynamic types into Attributes API. Dynamic types store values with a time interval and query can
be customized with estimators. All dynamic types inherit from <code>DynamicType</code>
<li>(June 18 2010) Graph API event management improvements. The <code>GraphEvent</code> has now precise events, including
<code>ADD_NODES</code>, <code>REMOVE_NODES</code>, <code>ADD_EDGES</code>, <code>REMOVE_EDGES</code> and
<code>VISIBLE_VIEW</code>. A new <code>GraphEventData</code> interface has been created to retrieve elements related to
the events.
<li>(June 14 2010) Export API refactoring, inspired from ImportAPI. Create an <code>ExporterBuilder</code> interface for
exporter creation and different exporters: <code>GraphExporter</code>, <code>VectorExporter</code>, <code>ByteExporter</code>
and <code>CharacterExporter</code> that covers common cases. The way exporters write data has been rationalized by using either
<code></code> (text) or <code></code> (byte). The <code>ExportController</code> has been improved
to support all use-cases, including file, writer and stream export.
<li>(June 11 2010) Add Spigot support to the ImportAPI and SPI. Like <code>DatabaseImporter</code>, the
<code>SpigotImporter</code> interface is a new type of Importers. Modifications have also be made to the
<code>ImportController</code> to support spigot import.
<li>(June 08 2010) Refactoring and improvements in the Import API and SPI. The refactoring aim is to solve the singleton
issue with importers and let users implement builders interface that create importers instance. Therefore an
<code>ImporterBuilder</code> interface has been created and should be registered with the <code>@ServiceProvider</code>
annotation. The various importers types have been simplified and leave more choice to the implementations about how the
input is managed. XML and Text file importers has been merged in a <code>FileImporter</code> interface, working with the
<code></code>. Utility static methods, for instance <em>get Document from Reader</em> can now be found in a new
<code>ImportUtils</code> class. The <code>ImportController</code> has been simplified for File import and now accepts
<code></code> also. The main improvement on these modules in the support of UI components for importers.
The aim is to let importers define an <code>ImporterUI</code> implementation to manage settings of these importers.
<li>(June 04 2010) Improvements in the GraphAPI identifiers management. The system is now storing String
identifiers coming from users. New getters and setters methods have been created in <code>Graph</code>:
<li><code>Graph.setId(Node, String)</code></li>
<li><code>Graph.setId(Edge, String)</code></li>
The <code>NodeData.setId()</code> and <code>EdgeData.setId()</code> methods have been removed, compatibility can't be kept.
Factory has also be changed to allow to create elements with String ID directly, as it's not possible anymore to
do it from <code>NodeData</code>.
<li>(June 02 2010) Changes in AttributesAPI with event management. The lookup system in <code>AttributeTable</code>
has been replaced by a more traditional event management system, with new <code>AttributeEvent</code> and
<code>AttributeListener</code> interfaces. The dispatch implementation is also now on a separate thread.
<li>(May 08 2010) Changes in Import modules to separate core and user interfaces. The <code>ImportController</code> is now
doing import task only and a new <code>ImportControllerUI</code> is displaying the user interface (Report Panel). The
<code>ImportControllerUI</code> interface is located in the DesktopProject module and should be user to properly
import file from Plugins. The <code>ImportController</code> methods could be used from the toolkit.
<li>(April 30 2010) Change FilterController.filter() to FilterController.filterVisible() and
to FilterController.selectVisible(). The controller is managing this process in a separate thread, with progress,
and takes care of properties change. A more simple direct way to filter is required for headless access.
The FilterController.filter() has been created and return the GraphView builded by the filter process.
<li>(April 24 2010) Expose basic visualization features in a newly created Visualization API. No proper visualization
API exists but its creation is necessary to avoid implementation module dependencies.
<li>(April 17 2010) In PreviewAPI, the background color has been put in the PreviewModel. The PreviewController has
been updated as well.
<li>(March 28 2010) Add a <code>doImport()</code> method in <code>ImportController</code> that accepts
<code>InputStream</code>. In ImportAPI also, add <code>getWeight()</code> in EdgeDraft to let importers
increment weight. New <code> AttributeUtils</code> methods. Progress in GraphAPI and ImportAPI documentation.
<li>(Feb 17 2010) Change in ImportAPI to support bounded time intervals. Add methods that manage <code>TimeIntervalMin</code>
and <code>TimeIntervalMax</code>. Changes in GraphAPI about elements counting. Henceforth only enabled elements are counted,
in node and edge counting, but also in degree methods. This counting is more logical, as it match with the
number of elements returned by <code>getNodes()</code> and <code>getEdges()</code>.
<li>(Feb 7 2010) Initial import, for 0.7alpha milestone. Half of
APIs are fully documented and the rest needs to be soon. Expose
only Core APIs, that plugins could need by now. Friend
packages exists, in particular between Plugin and PluginUI
modules but they are not shown here. Netbeans APIs documentation
dependencies are missing, thus see
<a href="">Netbeans API Index</a>.
Due to early development status, most of APIs are still marked as
under development. Moreover APIs marked as stable are also suspected to
change, but with much less impact than ones marked as under development.
<h2>API List</h2>
<li><b>Attributes API</b> - Provides access to attributes values through an efficient column/row system.</li>
<li><span class="unstable"><b>Clustering API</b></span> - API/SPI for clustering algorithms (experimental).</li>
<li><b>DataLaboratory API</b> - API/SPI for data laboratory features (columns manipulation, edit, ...).</li>
<li><b>Export API</b> - Export API/SPI provides the infrastructure for exporting data to any support and define new exporters.</li>
<li><b>Filters API</b> - API/SPI for filters, define and control current filtering.</li>
<li><b>Generator API</b> - Generator API/SPI provides the way to create and execute graph generators.</li>
<li><b>Graph API</b> - API for accessing the graph.</li>
<li><span class="unstable"><b>Dynamic API</b></span> - Provide features for dynamic graphs.</li>
<li><b>Import API</b> - Import API/SPI provides the import workflow to import data form any support.</li>
<li><b>Layout API</b> - Layout API/SPI provides real-time layout algorithms execution.</li>
<li><b>LongTask API</b> - LongTask API provides utility features for long and asynchronous task execution.</li>
<li><span class="unstable"><b>Partition API</b></span> - API for manipulating partition within data.</li>
<li><b>Perspective API</b> - API/SPI for perspective management. Only related to the user interface.</li>
<li><b>Preview API</b> - API for building the graph preview structure.</li>
<li><b>Project API</b> - Project API/SPI for project and worskpaces manipulation.</li>
<li><b>Ranking API</b> - API/SPI for ranking data values and transform values in visual signs like color or size.</li>
<li><b>Statistics API</b> - Statistics and Metrics API/SPI provides (a)synchronous algorithms execution.</li>
<li><b>Timeline API</b> - API which provides access to the timeline component data, time interval, settings and animation.</li>
<li><b>Tools API</b> - Tool API/SPI defines interactive actions users can make with the visualization.</li>
<li><span class="unstable"><b>Visualization API</b></span> - API/SPI for interacting with visualization and providing context menu actions.</li>