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1.8 (released 19.7.2015)
* Added support for ZPAQ archives.
Closes: GH bug #14
* Use options for maximum compression when creating archives
and the archive program has such options.
* Added a new "recompress" command which tries to reduce the
size of the compressed archive.
* Add BZIP2 creation to 7z and 7za commands.
1.7 (released 27.6.2014)
* Configure the xz program to also extract LZMA files.
* Fixed creation of LZMA files with the Python lzma module.
* Handle *.epub and *.apk files as ZIP files.
1.6 (released 8.6.2014)
* Search /usr/local/lib for p7zip RAR modules.
Closes: GH bug #10
1.5 (released 30.3.2014)
* Fix detection of existing broken symlinks when unpacking.
1.4 (released 2.9.2013)
* Add missing GZIP creation support for 7z modules.
Closes: GH bug #6
1.3 (released 19.7.2013)
* Add patoolib.__version__ (see PEP 396).
Closes: GH bug #3
* Improved detection of LZMA and LRZIP files with file(1).
* Add missing patoolib.programs to Windows installer.
Closes: GH bug #5
1.2 (released 27.6.2013)
* Fix detection of *.gz with newer libmagic versions.
Closes: GH bug #2
1.1 "Clerks" (released 7.4.2013)
* Add support for zopfli, Googles new zlib compressor.
* Fix an error repacking compressed tar archives with 7z.
1.0 "Robot and Frank" (released 1.3.2013)
* Add support for searching in archive contents.
* Add support for ISO image handling.
* Allow multiple --verbose options to increase program output.
* Add patool.exe to the PATH in the windows installer.
* Fixed Python lzma archive handling.
* Fixed lzop, lrzip and rzip archive handling.
* Fixed Python 3.x support.
0.19 "The Kids Are All Right" (released 21.2.2013)
* Support the lzma module in Python >= 3.3
* Optimize repacking of archives with the same format.
Closes: GH bug #1
0.18 "Skyfall" (released 15.12.2012)
* Fixed unadf archive listing.
* Added support for Python 3.x.
* Use importlib to find program modules and depend on Python >= 2.7.
* Added support for archmage and chmlib handling CHM (.chm) archives.
0.17 "I am Bruce Lee" (released 4.8.2012)
* Added support for Monkey's Audio Compressor handling APE (.ape) archives.
* Added support for shorten handling SHN (.shn) archives.
* Added support for flac handling FLAC (.flac) archives.
* Added support for the BSD cpio and tar programs.
* Added support for lhasa handling LZH (.lzh, .lha) archives.
* Added support for lcap handling CAB (.cab) archives.
* Added support for shar handling SHAR (.shar) shell archives.
* Added support for unadf handling ADF (.adf) amiga disk archives.
* Removed support for orange handling self-extracting installers.
* Generate standalone Windows .exe and Linux .rpm installer.
* Initialize the internal MIME database correct on all platforms.
* Improved option compatibility for the ar, cpio and tar programs.
* Rename the temporary output directory if it contains multiple files.
The name is the archive name without extension, which is more
readable than a random filename "UnpackXyz".
* Require and use Python >=2.5
0.16 "Game of thrones" (released 12.5.2012)
* Document the --outdir option for the extract command.
Closes: SF bug #3363964
* Added convenience library function to handle archives.
Documentation for those functions can be found in
Closes: SF bug #3351936
* Fix generating an RPM installer.
Closes: SF bug #2977749
* Added support for the lbzip2 program handling BZIP2 archives.
* Added support for the plzip program handling LZIP archives.
* Prevent overwriting files with repack.
* Support extraction of BZIP2 (.bz2) files with the Python bz2 module.
* Support extraction of GZIP (.gz) files with the Python gzip module.
* Support extraction of ZIP (.zip) files with the Python zipfile module.
* Support extraction of TAR (.tar) files with the Python tarfile module.
0.15 "Contraband" (released 8.4.2012)
* Print help when unknown options are given.
* Print error when archive files do not exist.
* Added installation instructions in doc/install.txt
* Added support for the pigz program handling GZIP archives.
0.14 "Book of Dragons" (released 30.1.2012)
* Handle CRX (.crx) files as ZIP archives. They have garbage at
the beginning of the file, but some unzip programs can cope with
* The xz program supports listing of XZ archives. Adjust the
configuration accordingly.
0.13 "Megamind" (released 25.1.2011)
* Fix command argument order when extracting cpio archives.
* Added correct cpio MIME type on Debian systems.
* Added support for the clzip and pdlzip programs who are both capable
of handling LZIP (.lz) archives.
* Added support for the orange program which is capable of extracting
CAB (.cab) archives.
* Added support for DMS (.dms) files with the xdms program.
* Support ZIP (.zip) file creation with the 7z and 7za programs.
* Improved MIME type detection for compressed TAR archives.
* Fix needed archive programs for several test cases, including
test_repack and test_mime.
0.12 "Galaxy Quest" (released 20.11.2010)
* Show commands that are run.
* Fix rar extraction unpack directory.
* Fix ZIP mimedb detection on Windows systems.
0.11 "Primer" (released 4.10.2010)
* Added support for the standalone 7za program.
0.10 "Matchpoint" (released 10.4.2010)
* Correct shell quoting of commandline arguments. Now files with
spaces or other special characters are handled correctly.
* Use correct error routine on rmtree() errors. The previous
one did not have the correct number of arguments.
0.9 "Cargo" (released 26.3.2010)
* Do not use the diff -B option when comparing archives.
* Improved documentation: explain commands in more detail.
* Added support for RZIP (.rz) archives.
* Added support for ZOO (.zoo) archives.
0.8 "Storage" (released 11.3.2010)
* Fix path error by using absolute pathname for archive when changing
the current working directory to the unpack directory.
* Fix parsing of the "-v" short option.
* Added new command "patool diff" to show differences between two
* Added new command "patool repack" to repackage archives in another
0.7 "3000 Miles to Graceland" (released 8.3.2010)
* Added support for ALZIP (.alz) archives.
* Added support for LRZIP (.lrz) archives.
* Added support for ARC (.arc) archives.
0.6 "Waking Ned" (released 6.3.2010)
* Remove the --force option. Local files are now never overwritten.
* Added option alias -v for --verbose.
* Added --verbose option to create command.
* Added support for extracting, listing and testing multiple archives.
* Fix permissions of extracted files: make them readable by the
current user.
* Added support for ACE (.ace) archives.
* Added support for AR (.a) archives.
* Added support for LZH (.lha, .lzh) archives.
0.5 "Vanishing Point" (released 4.3.2010)
* Ported to Python 2.4.
* Added support for LZIP (.lz) archives.
* Removed support for setting options via config file.
0.4 "Nikita" (released 3.3.2010)
* Added support for Windows systems.
* Added support for creating ZIP files.
* Improved listing of available archive formats.
* Improved recognition of MIME types.
0.3 "Management" (released 23.2.2010)
* Better test if encodings of archive commands are supported
(for example .tar.Z needs a decompress program).
0.2 "Birdy" (released 22.2.2010)
* Add support for LZMA and XZ archives.
0.1 "Hard Boiled" (released 21.2.2010)
* Initial release.
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