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A list of all commands available on Wump

All official commands

A list of all commands and their paths are below

Command Description Path
locale Change your locale wump.core.locale
prefix Change your prefix wump.core.prefix
echo Repeat your input wump.developer.echo
eval Evaluate a snippet wump.developer.eval
exec Execute a command wump.developer.exec
splatoon Get splatoon's current maps
birb Get a random birb wump.image.birb
cat Get a random cat
dog Get a random dog
duck Get a random duck
fox Get a random fox
lizard Get a random lizard wump.image.lizard
penguin Get a random penguin wump.image.penguin
avatar Get a user's avatar wump.information.avatar
commands Lists all commands wump.information.commands
commits 10 most recent commits wump.information.commits
guild Get a guild's information wump.information.guild
stats Some small statistics wump.information.stats
user Get a user's information wump.information.user
tag-add Create a tag wump.tags.tag-add
tag-del Delete a tag wump.tags.tag-del
tag--info Info about a tag wump.tags.tag-info
tag-source Source of a tag wump.tags.tag-source
tag Display a tag wump.tags.tag
tags A list of all tags wump.tags.tags
ping Lists latencies​
math Evaluate an equation wump.utility.math
snipe Re-post a deleted message​ wump.utility.snipe
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