A banking client for Sailfish OS
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Zaster Banker

A banking client for Sailfish OS


Sebastian J. Wolf sebastian@ygriega.de


Licensed under GNU GPLv3


Simply clone this repository and use the project file harbour-zaster.pro to import the sources in your SailfishOS IDE. To build and run Zaster Banker or an application which is based on Zaster Banker, you need to create the file harbour-zaster/src/fints/fintsglobals.h and enter the required constants in the following format:

const char FINTS_PRODUCT_ID[] = "1234567890ABCDEF";
const char FINTS_PRODUCT_VERSION[] = "23";
const char FINTS_DUMMY_USER_ID[] = "123456789";
const char SETTINGS_DEFAULT_ENCRYPTION_KEY[] = "123456789";

You get the FinTS product ID as soon as you've registered your own application on hbci-zka.de. The default encryption key is only used in case Zaster Banker is unable to determine a unique encryption key from the user's device. Under normal circumstances, Zaster Banker uses an encryption key which was generated automatically. This key is used to encrypt the user's account metadata (not the PIN/password!) on the user's device. Please use a password generator to generate the default key for your application.