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Dotfiles of Petar Radosevic. Years of Unix customizations in one repository.
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bash User dirs.
bin Clojure stuff.
conkeror Conkerer documentation.
emacs Fira Mono.
fish New wallpapers and stuff.
git-hooks Git hooks and golang procs
git Some cleanup.
gtk New wallpapers and stuff.
i3 Screenshot key.
mpv MPV for mac.
nvim Rust fixes
spacemacs Spacemacs
tarsnap ZSH configuration
tmux Better tmux bar.
tmuxinator Tmux line
vim Rust fixes
xmonad Merge branch 'master' of
xorg Fira Mono.
zsh Vim and ZSH updates
.gitignore Clojure stuff.
Makefile More BSD specific settings. Correct MPV. Add TODO to category.

Wunki's dotfiles

This are the personal dotfiles of Petar Radosevic (@wunki). It's the accumulation of years of Unix usage. They contain settings for the following software:

If you scroll down, you can read a bit more what I use the software for.


Clone this repository and update all the submodules.

git submodule init
git submodule update

Now you can install the dotfiles in your home directory by using make. For example type make git to symlink the git configuration files into your home directory.

To install all dotfiles, you can run make all.

Note: If your home directory already contains the configuration files, the make will not work because the symlinks can't be created


Emacs is my primary editor and is the software where I spend most of my time while behind the computer. I'm a heavy user of package.el and have Emacs configured for Clojure, Haskell, ERC (IRC), mu4e (email) and org-mode.


XMonad is a window manager which I love because I don't have to keep moving and arranging my windows. It's written and configured in Haskell.


Vim is my old editor of choice. Still love the beauty of it's key combinations but I switched because of the better packages (org-mode, paredit, magit) available for Emacs.


I mainly use tmux when I'm configuring a server. This way I can disconnect from the server and come back later to see what's happening.


Shell which is I use with [oh-my-zsh] configuration.


Simple and powerful media player. I have it configured to display subtitles beautifully.

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