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Wurl Index Example

The Wurl Index Example app is a repurposing of the Roku videoplayer example that uses the Wurl Index JSON to provide and play back content.

To build it, first go to the file source/appMain.brs and edit it to add your Wurl AppId and Secret:

  m.Wurl = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
  m.Wurl.AppId     = "YOUR_APP_ID"
  m.Wurl.AppSecret = "YOUR_APP_SECRET"

Then simply run make and install the resulting Zip file into your Roku application.

The Roku videoplayer example demonstrates a hierarchical, category based video playback application. You can find the original example under a 'videoplayer' folder in the examples of your Roku SDK.

Contents of the application directories are:

images - Artwork that is embedded as part of the application. In general, this should be kept to a minimum to conserve space on flash, and is usually just the main menu icons, plus the logo and overhang used for branding. source - The complete BrightScript source code for the application manifest - This file describes the application package and is used on the main menu prior to the start of execution for the application. Makefile - Optional method of building the application using "make". This has been provided for convenience and tested on OSX and linux.

Note: For information on the syntax of the JSON responses, see the Wurl API Reference


The original videoplayer sample, as well as this code, uses the following license: