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Allow a user to save searches.

The idea is that Biologists often want to run the same blast over different sequences. So, it would be helpful to provide a mechanism to save blast method, databases used, and probably advanced options.

A simple way to achieve this is to marshal the search parameters and store it as cookies (4096 bytes ought to be enough). When user comes back, read the cookies, and give him/her an option to restore previous search parameters.

Another way is to use a database to store to store searches on the server side. We can then store sequences too, but I am not sure if that is very practical. Sqlite can be used for its simplicity; bigger databases would make it difficult to deploy. Being able to choose different databases depending on the deployment size could be a good feature too.

Thanks to Jan for this suggestion.


Storing sequences would probably be confusing for users. Thus my vote is to store only search parameters.


redunant with #30

@yeban yeban reopened this Dec 16, 2011

#30 is about retaining search parameters between (successive) queries, so you can blast, view results, modify parameters, re-blast. This one though is about saving the searches (explicitly by clicking a button, or last five) for future usage. So I am opening this for further discussion.


We can probably use HTML5's web storage feature to implement this for modern browsers.


99% of users won't care. perhaps for v2.0


If we implement this, it would be a simple "Use parameters from last search" link somewhere in the search form and nothing more.

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Browser now automatically saves and suggests 'advanced params' from previous searches (side-effect of #181).

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