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A systemd service file for one or more vanilla Minecraft servers
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This is a systemd init script for one or more Notchian (vanilla) Minecraft servers, with some Wurstmineberg-specific extras.

This is version 4.0.6 (semver) of the init script. The versioned API includes a CLI, as found in the docstring of minecraft/, as well as a Python API including all documented functions defined in that file.



  1. Clone the repository somewhere on your system.
  2. Create a symlink to the minecraft directory in your Python 3 module search path or add the repository to the module search path.
  3. Optionally, create a symlink to minecraft/ called minecraft in your PATH. This will allow you to use commands like minecraft update.
  4. To immediately start the Minecraft server, systemctl start minecraft. To automatically start the Minecraft server with the system, systemctl enable minecraft.

To make this work for another server, you may have to modify the paths and other things in the config file.

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