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Wurst extension for Visual Studio Code

This is a plugin for the Wurst programming language, a language for maps and mods for the game Warcraft III.

If you run into problems related directly to the plugin, please create a ticket on GitHub.


Context-aware auto completions (default shortcut: Ctrl+space) help you to find relevant functions quickly. You can also see the documentation of the function and the required arguments.


You can always find the definition of a function (F12 or Ctrl+leftclick, or just peek at the definition with Ctrl+Shift+F10).

Goto declaration

It is even possible to navigate into the other direction and find all the references of a given definition (Shift+F12). When navigating via links, remember that vscode provides shortcuts to get to your old position (ctrl+alt+- and ctrl+shift+-).

Find references

When you are looking for references inside a file you don't even need to use the features above. Vscode will automatically highlight all other references and definitions related to the element currently under the cursor:

Highlight references

Feature list:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Shows errors and warnings while you type (press Ctrl+Shift+M for an overview over all errors and warnings, F8 and Shift+F8 to loop through the errors in the current file)
  • Autocomplete after typing a dot or pressing Ctrl+space.
  • Parameter-info (press Ctrl+shift+space)
  • Goto declaration (F12 or Ctrl+leftclick)
  • Find references (Shift+F12)
  • Mouse hover info (hover the mouse over a function or variable to see types and documentation)
  • Some commands are available via the command palette (press F1 and type "Wurst")
    • Running units tests
    • Building maps independently from warcraft3
    • Running a map

You should also be aware of the following vscode features, which are independent from this Wurst plugin:

  • Folding based on indentation
  • Quick Open: Open any file by its name via Ctrl+P
  • Search across files (Ctrl+Shift+F)
  • Multiple selections
  • Integrated Git support

Setup and Configuration

Follow the Wurst Setup Guide to install Wurst, the plugin and create your wurst project.

Getting Started: Your first Wurst project

Follow the Wurst Beginner Guide.

Developer information

If you want to build the extension yourself:

  1. First install
    • Node.js (newer than 4.3.1)
    • Npm (newer 2.14.12)
  2. clone the project from GitHub.
  3. Change to the project directory (e.g. cd wurst4vscode)
  4. Run npm i
  5. Open the project in Visual Studio Code (code .)
  6. Press F5 to debug (it should start a new vscode window with Wurst enabled)
  7. Make a pull request with your changes

Contributors can publish the extension to the Extension Marketplace using vsce publish as described in the vsce - Publishing Tool Reference. To update the version use npm version patch.


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