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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why not just use curl to fetch the urls and use tor for change ip when we get temporary banned?

A: Cause then we must complete a captcha and we get href=" as response. If you just want to grab some uploads now and then from pastebin you can copy and paste below code in your shell.

cat << EOF >
curl -Ls|grep -o -E 'href="([^"#]+)"' | cut -d'"' -f2|grep archive -A10 | sed -n 2,9p|sed 's/^/http:\/\/\/raw/g' > /tmp/.emagnet
while read line; do wget -q \$line; done < /tmp/.emagnet
printf "Successfully downloaded $(cat /tmp/.emagnet|wc -l) files from pastebin:\n$(cat /tmp/.emagnet|cut -d/ -f5|xargs)"
chmod +x



With Tor!


Q: Why did you remove the feature for auto bruteforce leaked mail addresses?

A: It has been re-added to Emagnet, next up is auto bruter for more protocols. Stay tuned.

Q: How can I search for visa or mastercards, i wanna know if my card has been leaked?

A: After you have fetched some uploads, copy and paste below in your shell:

source /etc/emagnet.conf;grep -rieo '\(^\|[^0-9]\)\{1\}\([345]\{1\}[0-9]\{3\}\|6011\)\{1\}[-]\?[0-9]\{4\}[-]\? [0-9]\{2\}[-]\?[0-9]\{2\}-\?[0-9]\{1,4\}\($\|[^0-9]\)\{1\}' $EMAGNET

Q: Emagnet giving me null as result and just trying again over and over again and pastebin asking for re-captcha. What should I do?

A: Open your browser, go to and enter the re-captch and then you will be able to continue, if this wont help - Wait for a while or use a VPN to get a new IP. No tool will work in this case unless you know how to bypass the captcha.

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