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Emagnet is a tool for find leaked databases with 97.1% accurate to grab mail + password together from pastebin leaks. Support for brute forcing spotify accounts, instagram accounts, ssh servers, microsoft rdp clients and gmail accounts
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Current Version News Tested On
3.4 Full support on android devices, no root required Linux/MacOS/OpenWRT/Windows/Android

Emagnet is a very powerful tool for it's purpose wich is to capture email addresses and passwords from leaked databases uploaded on pastebin. It's almost impossible to find leaked passwords when they are out of list on Either they have been deleted by pastebin's techs or the uploads is just one in the crowd. To be honest it's easier to find a needle in a haystack then find outdated uploads on pastebin with the data we want to collect.

BBC NEWS: "Pastebin: Running the site where hackers publicise their attacks"

  • Emagnet is No.1 tool for fetch these leaks from pastebin

A sample from 2019-11-13 when running emagnet with brute force mode on for spotify:

  • The result is amazing, it have never ever been so easy to hack million of peoples accounts before!
  • Run emagnet on your android device, just put your android device in your pocket and emagnet will hack the accounts for you - This preview is for spotify, but emagnet has support for more protocols and it will be more supported protocols in next upgrade.

Sit back and relax and Emagnet will do the rest, watch the video below, this is for real!


... So how does this work? See the video below exactly line by line how it works:

  • Left side is how you see things - Right side is what actually going on:


Getting Started:

git clone
cd emagnet
chmod +x emagnet*
./emagnet --emagnet

That's it, have phun!

Wiki Sections:

Emagnet Search has been added, probably the most powerful way for find leaked credit cards leaked on pastebin, just run 'git pull; emagnet -S' for open search menu - It's not done yet - Keep eyes open for nex push! - Don't abuse this and don't break the law in your Country, you have been informed. :)


System Requirements

  • Bash - Find more info about bash here
  • Wget - Find more info about wget here
  • Curl - Find more info about curl here


Below you can see an image that describes the reality, emagnet makes it easier than ever to get hold of leaked accounts. Emagnet does not violate any country's laws as long as you brute forcing your own accounts only (this is up to every user to decide), all we do is retrieve data from pastebin, if you have opinions or questions about stuff pastebin hosting you will find all info on to get in touch - I wont reply questions about this in my mailbox, all kind of messages that contains such info will be wiped, just for your notice.

Please do not waste my time with nonsence, thanks.



Versions changelog.



This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the file for details


If you have problems, questions, ideas or suggestions please contact me on * - For faster contact visit freenode irc network or the webchat and type '/msg wuseman hi!' in the input bar and I will reply you ASAP I will see the message.

Enter Freenodes network via your own client ' or use their new web client here


Attacking different kinds of accounts via emagnet that you have not been granted or allowed to attack is strictly prohibited and it breaks the law. The punishment is hard and you can even get into prison in some countries just for trying to attack for intrusion. With this said, it's important that all users is aware of this and when you have cloned or downloaded it's fully up to every user to take responsibility over their own actions. wuseman cannot be held responsible for the actions of any user, all users using Emagnet on their own responsibility.

Developer: "All my previews where a brute force attack has been done is under controlling forms with 100% fully permissions by the owners. If you have any questions about this then you are welcome to contact me or the owner."

Haters Gonna Hate

If you are one of these who dislikes EMAGNET and believe the program has been developed for a reason that would break the law then I am not interested in taking part of your opinions, keep them for yourself! Emagnet does NOT leak any data at all either to the developer(s) or anyone else. No statistics at all to track any user so if you want to contact me for ask who it might was who downloaded emagnet a specific date is completely useless since i really have no idea, and to be honest I don't care.

Feel free to read the history about emagnet here and how everything started about this project.

Development of emagnet is active and is updated frequently, please use the latest version if you report issues/bugs.


m1st that deliver legit leaks for us daily.

And to all ppl that is trying to sell public leaks and steal the real hackers job, f*ck you! This is one reason why I started this project, I hope this project will get widely spreaded so you will earn 0.00$ on your re-edited malware shit!


Feel free to send donations if you want to support the development of the emagnet

  BTC Address: Not available, feel free to use it without donate a cent! :-)

Emagnet is a private project since 2015 and was released in June @ 2018, to be continued.

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