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An autocomplete-plus provider completing English words with Chinese explanation.
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Introduction 介绍

An autocomplete-plus provider completing English words with the hint of Chinese explanation.


This package requires autocomplete-plus and fuzzaldrin. The package fuzzaldrin is one of the core package of atom which has been installed by default. This package offers a fuzzy match function which is useful for uncertain words.

这个插件需要提前安装autocomplete-plusfuzzaldrin. 其中fuzzaldrin 是Atom的核心包,默认应该已经安装,fuzzaldrin 提供模糊匹配功能,对于不能准确记忆的单词非常有效。

Usage 使用

For the defined file types, it will complete automatically. Like the figure shows below.


A screenshot of the package using

The default setting includes text file, latex file, markdown file, null grammar file. If you need to add your file type, add the type string in the setting panel.


A screenshot of the setting page

To enable completion for your current file type, open one of the file and put your cursor in, open the Command Palette (cmd+shift+p or ctrl+shift+p), and run the: "Log Cursor Scope" command. This will trigger a notification which will contain a list of scopes. The first scope that's listed is the one you should add to the list of scopes in the settings for the package. Here are some examples: .source.gfm (markdown file), .text.plain (text file), .text.tex.latex (latex file).

要了解文件对应的字符串,可以打开一个所希望的文件类型,然后在当前文件窗口下输入(cmd+shift+p or ctrl+shift+p)打开命令面板,输入"Log Cursor Scope" ,回车,就会弹出一个小的提示窗口,列出了文件类型对应的字符串,记录之后填入包的设置面板即可。


Inspired by autocomplete-APPLEASMx64.


MIT © Shuai Wu

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