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A listing of projects to get data streams out of MySQL

List of projects that will let you do replication from MySQL to Kafka.

Project name Site Description
debezium Debezium is an open-source distributed platform for change data capture. Replicates from MySQL to Kafka. Uses mysql-binlog-connector-java. Kafka Connector. A funded project supported by Redhat with employees working on it full-time.
Airbyte Airbyte is an open-source EL(T) platform that helps you replicate your data in your warehouses, lakes, and databases.
aesop Built on top of Databus. In production use at Allows you to plug in your own code to transform/process the MySQL events.
databus Precursor to Kafka. Reads from MySQL and Oracle, and replicates to its own log structure. In production use at LinkedIn. No Kafka integration. Uses Open Replicator.
FlexCDC FlexCDC is a daemon that reads a MySQL replication stream and sends records to log tables or plugins. Supports transactions and ALTER table to keep the log tables in DDL sync with the MySQL server.
Lapidus Streams data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB as newline delimited JSON. Can be run as a daemon or included as a Node.js module.
Maxwell Reads MySQL event stream, output events as JSON. Parses ALTER/CREATE TABLE/etc statements to keep schema in sync. Written in java. Well maintained.
mypipe Reads MySQL event stream, and emits events corresponding to INSERTs, DELETEs, UPDATEs. Written in Scala. Emits Avro to Kafka.
mysql_cdc MySQL binlog Change Data Capture (CDC) connector for Rust.
MySqlCdc MySQL binlog Change Data Capture (CDC) connector for .NET. The lib is based on mysql-binlog-connector-java.
mysql-binlog-connector-java Library that parses MySQL binary logs and calls your code to process them. Fork/rewrite of Open Replicator. Has tests.
mysql_streamer MySQLStreamer is a database change data capture and publish system. It’s responsible for capturing each individual database change, enveloping them into messages, and publishing to Kafka.
oltp-cdc-olap Uses Maxwell to replicate to Apache Nifi.
Open Replicator Library that parses MySQL binary logs and calls your code to process them. Does not seem to be maintained.
Canal Alibaba Open Source Solution for MySQL binlog event parse and consumer
Project name Site Description
python-mysql-replication Pure python library that parses MySQL binary logs and lets you process the replication events. Basically, the python equivalent of mysql-binlog-connector-java
recordbus Directly maps MySQL events to JSON, with no interpretation. Written in Java. Replicates to Kafka.
Tungsten Replicator Reads from MySQL and replicates to its own log structure. Allows plugging in your own code to process the events however you want. Open-source component of Continuent, a commercial company that does database replication.
wombat Uses mysql-binlog-connector-java, outputs JSON to Kafka.
kafka-mysql-connector A plugin for Kafka Connect. Uses Maxwell to replicate MySQL to Kafka.
php-mysql-replication Pure PHP Implementation of MySQL replication protocol. This allows you to receive event like insert, update, delete with their data and raw SQL queries.
StreamSets Data Collector Pipelines that can be configured to continuously ingest data from any number of tables in a relational database (using JDBC).