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A listing of projects to get data streams out of MySQL

List of projects that will let you do replication from MySQL to Kafka.

Project name Site Description
aesop https://github.com/Flipkart/aesop Built on top of Databus. In production use at http://www.flipkart.com/. Allows you to plug in your own code to transform/process the MySQL events.
databus https://github.com/linkedin/databus Precursor to Kafka. Reads from MySQL and Oracle, and replicates to its own log structure. In production use at LinkedIn. No Kafka integration. Uses Open Replicator.
FlexCDC http://github.com/greenlion/swanhart-tools/ FlexCDC is a daemon which reads a MySQL replication stream and sends records to log tables or plugins. Supports transactions and ALTER table to keep the log tables in DDL sync with the MySQL server.
Lapidus https://github.com/JarvusInnovations/lapidus Streams data from MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB as newline delimited JSON. Can be run as a daemon or included as a Node.js module.
Maxwell https://github.com/zendesk/maxwell Reads MySQL event stream, output events as JSON. Parses ALTER/CREATE TABLE/etc statements to keep schema in sync. Written in java. Well maintained.
mypipe https://github.com/mardambey/mypipe Reads MySQL event stream, and emits events corresponding to INSERTs, DELETEs, UPDATEs. Written in Scala. Emits Avro to Kafka.
mysql-binlog-connector-java https://github.com/shyiko/mysql-binlog-connector-java Library that parses MySQL binary logs and calls your code to process them. Fork/rewrite of Open Replicator. Has tests.
oltp-cdc-olap https://github.com/xmlking/nifi-examples/tree/master/oltp-cdc-olap Uses Maxwell to replicate to Apache Nifi.
Open Replicator https://code.google.com/p/open-replicator/ Library that parses MySQL binary logs and calls your code to process them. Does not seem to be maintained.
Project name Site Description
python-mysql-replication https://github.com/noplay/python-mysql-replication Pure python library that parses MySQL binary logs and lets you process the replication events. Basically, the python equivalent of mysql-binlog-connector-java
recordbus https://github.com/pyr/recordbus Directly maps MySQL events to JSON, with no interpretation. Written in Java. Replicates to Kafka.
Tungsten Replicator https://github.com/continuent/tungsten-replicator Reads from MySQL and replicates to its own log structure. Allows plugging in your own code to process the events however you want. Open source component of Continuent, a commercial company that does database replication.
wombat https://github.com/TiVo/wombat Uses mysql-binlog-connector-java, outputs JSON to Kafka.
kafka-mysql-connector https://github.com/wushujames/kafka-mysql-connector A plugin for Kafka Connect. Uses Maxwell to replicate MySQL to Kafka.
Debezium http://debezium.io Replicates from MySQL to Kafka. Uses mysql-binlog-connector-java. Kafka Connector. A funded project supported by Redhat with employees working on it full time.