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soce-redis is a C++ client, which can be used to access the sever with the same interface, no matter what mode(single, sentinel, cluster) the server use. It also support pipeline and async. 中文版点这里


A SoceRedis instance must be initialized with the configuration which is a string.

  • single mode

  • sentinel mode

  • cluster mode

The password should be set to "none" if it is not necessary. timeout is optional, it is used for read/write/connect.

string conf = "none@";
SoceRedis clt;

SoceRedis API

soce-redis support single command and pipeline。And you can access the result by iterator. There are only a few interfaces, it's easy to use.

  • int init(const std::string& conf)
    @see initialization.

  • int exec(Fmt fmt)
    Execute single command.

  • void clear()
    Clear the cached command for pipeline.

  • int append(Fmt fmt)
    Add pipeline command.

  • int pipeline()
    Execute pipeline commands.

  • iterator begin()
    Return the beginning iterator of the result.

  • iterator end()
    Return the ending iterator of the result.


iterator is used to access the result. It point to a SoceRedisReply instance. You can used the interface of SoceRedisReply to access the result.

  • int get_type(SoceRedisType& type)
  • int get_type(SoceRedisType& type)
  • int get_str(std::string& val)
  • int get_array_size(int& size)
  • int get_array_begin(SoceRedisIterator& iter)
  • int get_array_end(SoceRedisIterator& iter)
  • int get_int(int& val)
  • int get_status(std::string& val)
  • int get_error(std::string& val)

helper macros

The type of parameter used by exec() is "Fmt" which is defined as below:

using Fmt = std::function<void(Param&)>;
int exec(Fmt fmt);

Macro soce_redis_docmd and soce_redis_append are supplied to simplify the usage of SoceRedis.

sample : single command

soce_redis_docmd(clt, "set" << "a" << "b");
string val;
clt.begin()->get_status(val); // get the result

sample : pipeline command

soce_redis_append(clt, "set" << "a" << "b");
soce_redis_append(clt, "get" << "a");
for (auto& result : clt){
    // handle the results


It's easy to implement async-access by coroutine.
@see soce-redis/sample/sample-async

More samples

@see soce-redis/sample。

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