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some deprecated calls
(c) 2008-2009, Holger Krekel and others
import execnet
def PopenGateway(python=None):
""" instantiate a gateway to a subprocess
started with the given 'python' executable.
APIWARN("1.0.0b4", "use makegateway('popen')")
spec = execnet.XSpec("popen")
spec.python = python
return execnet.default_group.makegateway(spec)
def SocketGateway(host, port):
""" This Gateway provides interaction with a remote process
by connecting to a specified socket. On the remote
side you need to manually start a small script
(py/execnet/script/ that accepts
SocketGateway connections or use the experimental
new_remote() method on existing gateways.
APIWARN("1.0.0b4", "use makegateway('socket=host:port')")
spec = execnet.XSpec("socket=%s:%s" %(host, port))
return execnet.default_group.makegateway(spec)
def SshGateway(sshaddress, remotepython=None, ssh_config=None):
""" instantiate a remote ssh process with the
given 'sshaddress' and remotepython version.
you may specify an ssh_config file.
APIWARN("1.0.0b4", "use makegateway('ssh=host')")
spec = execnet.XSpec("ssh=%s" % sshaddress)
spec.python = remotepython
spec.ssh_config = ssh_config
return execnet.default_group.makegateway(spec)
def APIWARN(version, msg, stacklevel=3):
import warnings
Warn = DeprecationWarning("(since version %s) %s" %(version, msg))
warnings.warn(Warn, stacklevel=stacklevel)
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